Aznauri was a class of Georgian nobility whose privileges where granted by the monarch. Georgian fashion brand Aznauri strongly criticizes social trajectories of the feudalist system and its aftermath. However, in existing social structure, being Aznauri could also be associated with freedom. Freedom from the severe conditions of oppression… freedom of the forced choices...The group was more or less capable of self-shaping own future. Ironically, we can still see Aznauris in our day-to-day reality.

Even though the name Aznauri derives from the Middle Ages, the fashion brand Aznauri carries the post-Soviet vibe and is inspired by the modern Georgian reality. The 90’s has dramatically influenced the vision of the designer Irakli Rusadze. The collection is dedicated to the phenomenal constructivist designer Varvara Stepanova. “Varvara was one of the pioneers in USSR who attempted to free human bodies from unnecessary, uncomfortable, oppressive elements of fashion that were dominant throughout the history. Inspired by Varvara and other revolutionaries Aznauri rejects to be a decorative fashion.”  This is why Aznauri is a mixture of sporty and classical patterns. Unlike AW17, SS18 collection suggests verity of choices in color. The collection is dominated by natural leather, denim, cotton and wool.  Identity and politics of Aznauri is gender free and minimalistic. “We also wanted to honor uniqueness of Georgian alphabet, this is why we decided to update our logo to make is more distinctive. From now on, we would be using mixture of Georgian and Latin letters that I think also represents the character and the politics of the brand.” – said Irakli.