Founded in Tbilisi Georgia in 2016, AZNAURI is a mixture of fashion tendencies starting with heavy Georgian1990s ending with fashion trends brought by the recent wave of “new minimalism”.



SPRING/SUMMER 2018Aznauri was a class of Georgian nobility whose privileges where granted by the monarch. Georgian fashion brand Aznauri strongly criticizes social trajectories of the feudalist system and its aftermath...


FALL/WINTER    2018 Another promising Georgian brand called "AZNAURI" showcased its debut collection in the framework of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi on May 8Th 2017. All pieces were made in collaboration with Irakli Rusadze, a creative director of "SITUATIONIST" (special guest of Milan Fashion Week earlier this year)."Meant to be free from all kinds of gender borders and inspirational frames, in a way this collection does get a concept of not having one at all. I personally find it commercially strong and very practical. It would work for every person I know" says Irakli. This statement goes well with the very first meaning of the word "AZNAURI" - "free".Classic cut has been given another life here - simple shapes are supported by well-arranged color patterns and natural materials like leather, wool, denim, silk and cotton, used to create every item of FW 17/18 collection.“AZNAURI”’s debut show was inspired by the heavy 90’s and Georgian football - the only way to recover from great depression. The presentation was hosted inside the courtyard of a Tbilisi Marriott hotel, where models proceeded to play a soccer match dressed in head-to-toe looks, leather trenches and wool suits. The show was sound-tracked by a blaring audio recording of the 1981 Euro Cup match when Georgia became European champion and the male models turned into football stars playing for 45 minutes to deliver the message that “AZNAURI” focuses on a customer’s comfort and is distinguished by its highest quality - one can even play football while dressed up in any of its pieces.